Our products

Pellets are cylindrical compressed wastes of woodworking, agriculture (sunflower husk, oats, corn, etc.), peat.


Fuel briquettes – ecological products, produced without the use of gluing substances and chemical additives.


Charcoal is a microporous high-carbon product formed by pyrolysis of wood without air access.


About us

Our company manufactures wood pellets and coal. We aim to produce high quality products in high quality packaging to meet the needs of European market consumers in accordance with European standards.

We have working with other reliable Ukrainian wood processing manufacturers for a long time to maximize our product range. Our proven packaging suppliers in a short time can make a plastic or paper bag with customer logo and design, in which we can pack your goods.

For the convenience of customers we arrange delivery to the warehouse of the buyer. We carry out fast and inexpensive delivery of goods, because we have direct contact with various European and Ukrainian owners of truks and good reputation, time proven. To ship goods to more distant markets in the East, we work with well-known logistics companies that provide us with container shipping by sea.

Save the planet

We are engaged in the production of exclusively green energy.

We do not harm nature

Our energy comes from renewable sources.

Implements the principle of recycling

We use only waste in the production of pellets

We produce only quality

We focus on the highest European product quality standards.

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We offer the most favorable conditions

We offer finished products to wholesale buyers at optimal prices.

We create the image of Ukraine

We prove that Ukrainian product means quality.

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